Amazing Iceland photography by Tim Trott in a breathtaking landscape. Glacier caves, the Aurora Borealis, beautiful waterfalls, Icelandic horses, volcanoes, lava beaches, blue ice.


The very name conjures up an image of a land of imposing ice formations, shining glaciers and arctic temperatures. You shouldn't let the cold deter you, Iceland is a magical country packed full of wonder.


Reykjavík, on the coast of Iceland, is the country's capital city, and the Gateway to Iceland.

Reykjavík sparkles with life. The pretty, colourful buildings, the surrounding silvery seas and it's charming small scale is lovely. Plus, there are no Starbucks or McDonalds.

  • Skólavörðustígur towards Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik
  • Old Harbour, Geirsgata, Reykjavik
  • Late night shopping on Skólavörðustígur, Reykjavik
  • Tjörnin, Reykjavik
  • Sólfarið, The Sun Voyager, Reykjavik
  • Hallgrimskirkja by Night, Reykjavik
  • Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík
  • Reykjavik hot water storage tanks and Perlan centre
  • Harpa culteral centre, Reykjavik

Smokey Bay

Reykjavík translates as "Smokey Bay" and it is also the most northerly capital city. With a population of only 122,000 inhabitants, it hardly amounts to a city, nonetheless Reykjavík presents a wealth of sights and activities that appeal to culture, nature and nightlife enthusiasts alike.

Reykjanes Peninsula

Located in the drift zone between two continents, the North American plate and the Eurasian plate, the Reykjanes Peninsula is a unique site where you can find geothermal energy, lava fields and other natural phenomenon associated with the tectonic activity.

Krýsuvík geothermal area Reykjanesviti Beach Kleifarvatn Lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula Lava Fields in the Reykjanes Peninsula

South Coast Route 1

One of the most beautiful areas in Iceland, the South Coast Route 1 features amazing waterfalls, majestic glaciers, black sand beaches and depending on the time of day some of the most gorgeous vistas you’ll ever encounter.

Sea Stacks at Vik Village Skógafoss Waterfall Hofskirkja, the Turf Church at Hof Glacial River on the South Coast


Jökulsárlón is a glacial lagoon, bordering Vatnajökull National Park in southeastern Iceland. Its still, blue waters are dotted with icebergs from the surrounding Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier, part of larger Vatnajökull Glacier. The lagoon flows through a short waterway into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving chunks of ice on a black sand beach.

  • Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
  • Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
  • Icebergs on the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
  • Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
  • Speeding along the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
  • Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
  • Ice on the Diamond Beach
  • Icebergs on the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
  • Ice on the Diamond Beach

Vatnajökull National Park

The landscape is full of broken icebergs, streaked blue and black, floating with the tide, occasionally breaking apart in a mighty crash.


Named after the Norse god Thor, this mountain range is a stunning nature reserve in the southern Icelandic highlands.

  • Nauthúsagil, the well hidden secret near Þórsmörk
  • Stakkholtsgjá canyon
  • Nauthúsagil, the well hidden secret near Þórsmörk
  • Stakkholtsgjá canyon
  • Stakkholtsgjá canyon
  • Stakkholtsgjá canyon
  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall
  • Skógafoss Waterfall Rainbow
  • Skógafoss Waterfall

Thor's Valley

Contrasting vistas of lush oases and roaring glacier rivers cutting through black desert expanses not only make Thórsmörk unique to Iceland but to the entire world. Parts of the valley are rich with moss, fern, and Birchwood, while jagged mountain ridges and ice-capped peaks crown the horizon.


Farmers living at the foot of Eyjafjallajökull always knew the volcano was a sleeping giant. In 2010 Eyjafjallajökull was made famous when it erupted, throwing hundreds of tonnes of ash into the air, which then proceeded to halt air traffic in Europe. Eyjafjallajökull is thought to be related geologically to the much larger Katla in Mýrdalsjökull and eruptions in the former have often been followed by eruptions in the latter.

Gígjökull Glacier Tongue of Eyjafjallajokull Gígjökull Glacier Tongue of Eyjafjallajokull Gígjökull Glacier Tongue of Eyjafjallajokull Gígjökull Glacier Tongue of Eyjafjallajokull


The Sólheimajökull glacier tongue extends from the great Mýrdalsjökull glacier, down to the sandy plains of the Icelandic south coast. The spectacular surroundings are marked by rugged and majestic rock formations thoroughly shaped by the glacier.

Sólheimajökull glacier walk Sólheimajökull glacier walk Rainbow on Sólheimajökull glacier walk Sólheimajökull glacier walk


þríhnúkagígur is a dormant volcano near Reykjavík. Covering a 3,270 square metres area and a depth of 213 meters, it has not erupted since the second century BC. Let's climb inside!

  • Thrihnukagigur Volcano
  • Thrihnukagigur Volcano
  • Hiking up Thrihnukagigur Volcano
  • Thrihnukagigur Lava Fields
  • Thrihnukagigur Lava Fields
  • Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano
  • Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano
  • Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano
  • Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano

Inside the Volcano

þríhnúkagígur Volcano is the only place on Earth where you can climb inside a dormant volcano. Entering through the top crater, you can descend to the bottom of its magma chamber, once filled with steaming hot lava.


The Snæfellsjökull National Park is at the westernmost part of the peninsula, including the mystical glacier Snæfellsjökull, as well as other unique sites such as Djúpalónssandur, Thúfubjarg, Kirkjufell and more.

  • Bird cliffs at Arnarstapi
  • Arnarstapi
  • Bird cliffs at Arnarstapi
  • Wedding at Búðir Chruch in the Búðahraun lava fields, Staðarsveit
  • Bird cliffs at Arnarstapi
  • Djúpalónssandur beach
  • Djúpalónssandur beach
  • Kirkjufell Iceland and its waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss
  • Gerðuberg basalt columns

Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Sparkling fjords, dramatic volcanic peaks, sheer sea cliffs, sweeping golden beaches and crunchy lava flows make up the diverse and fascinating landscape of the 100km-long Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

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